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The Bringer of Tea ([personal profile] auntysarah) wrote in [community profile] dirtywhiteboi2009-05-03 12:23 pm

Dirt hates

An anonymous friend emailed me this. Why? MISOGYNY! The trannies, they trannify, look at them, all misogynist trannies. The Medical patriarchy should stopped deluding these MENTALLy ILL people. Damn trannies causing butch invisibility, get off my lawn! They can't stop the Dirtster. This FAIR USE CAP clearly shows the misogyny of the tranny medical community. Precious bodily fluids.

[personal profile] maudlinstreet 2009-05-04 12:07 pm (UTC)(link)
typical disorder trannyism sufferer always talk about "bodily fluids" hey be careful with your OCD dude!